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New Term Info

Piano Keyboard


This is so very key! Over long time frames and 10 years of teaching, I’ve seen huge difference in students who play everyday to 1-2 times a week. The development is twice as fast and the enjoyment with that! I’ll encourage daily practice and enjoyment motivation.

Set a Daily Practice Bell

Idea for consistent playing at home is to set a daily practice reminder for the student on your phone. Even 5mins goes a long way in the long run! ✨

Mindfulness through Music

Main thing is, is that playing at home is a fun mindful space for the student! Playing piano everyday is vital to get the most out of the lessons. Minimum practice 5mins a day, ideally 15mins a day. Reduce screen time by a few mins and pop on a little timer if this helps to focus and connect with the piano everyday. Make it a feature of the everyday routine. Most of all the goal of practice is to build a foundation of fun and enjoyment of music! 


The Goal

Here we have no exams, it’s all about enjoyment and developing the musician. The goal is to enjoy the piano and become an efficient, flowing, skilful piano player. We develop skills such as playing piano solo and chords, along with playing drums on 6 different drum stations. If the student wishes too, chords can be played with singing. This is a lovely idea as it encourages sing alongs with family and friends in future. The overall goal is a mindful approach to music, where the student enjoys their own relaxation time playing music. This can evolve to playing music with others or having fun performances if the student would like to share a song too!


Song Requests

Let me know if there are any songs the student would like to learn… have a song brainstorm before the term starts and for lesson 1 so we can fly along! We will continue with songs already completed too as this will build the memory flow, along with enjoyment in playing and performing.


To reserve your slot for the term, full term payment in first week of term if possible thank you.

Payment via Revolut transfer, Credit Union or cash.


Revolut iBan is IE97REVO99036012106142

Revolut BIC is REVOIE23


Credit Union iBan is IE41ACRU99104304302682

Credit Union BIC ACRUIE21XXX

Bonus fee of 5 euro includes website membership, folders, music materials, song recordings, album making, insurance and communications.



Short Notice Cancellations

Last minute cancellations or within 24 hours cancellations can't be refunded due to the timetable, running costs and the reserved time slot for the student.

Cancellations Over 24 hours to 2 weeks

If ye can’t make a class and you notify more than 24hrs in advance & I’ll try find alternative time options but this depends on the class schedule availability.

Value of Paying the Term Fee

There is a waiting list of 50plus for classes, so overall the term payment will ensure the original time slot will be reserved for the student if a class is missed in late or same week notice.


Cancellations 2 weeks or more 

If a student can't make a class in the term and informs two weeks in advance 50% of the fee will be forwarded on to the next term. 


Please bring your music folder each week so we can add to the songbook!



Classes take place in the music studio in Beach Court, Salthill. 


20 Beach Court 

Grattan Road




The music room is down the driveway, at the left side of the house, at the back door.

Waiting Area

The student is welcome to wait in the back porch as a waiting area (out of the rain!) before the lesson. 


For more overall info surf this website,



More piano ideas/recordings also on our YouTube channel Click HERE 



I’ve a piano album on Spotify for composition ideas 🎹

Click HERE


If you’ve any questions throughout the term or questions about the songs feel free to contact me via WhatsApp.

Here we go!

Look forward to see ye soon, we will get the tunes going! 🎹✨

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