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Warm welcomes to your online music school :) As a Beo Ceol student, you have full access to all the music learning resources and fun content on the Beo Ceol membership hub! Hope you enjoy :

Our Mision and Vision!

The Online Music School is all about continuing our music journey at home, even from a distance we are all in this together! Keep connecting with music everyday, enjoying your creativity and sounds, and we will keep harmony and fun by our side through these times.

Your Music Book

Keep your music book folder at hand. We have covered a lot of music content over the last few weeks or years. Now we have an opportunity to practice songs we have done already too, to really fine tune them and enjoy nourishing and strengthening our memory brain! It is equally important to be comfortable and flowing with old songs as well as learning something new.

Welcome to New Members

A very warm welcome to new members to the Beo Ceol music tribe :) For the welcome intro video and more info to get you going on the piano keys, click here!

Enjoy! :)

If you'd like to subscribe click here

Online Music School Structure

The online school takes shape similar to how Brenda teaches in person. It begins as it was in the beginning! - with Beginners classes and learning the basics of playing the piano - this level is called the 'Seagulls'.

Then we flow with the 'Eagles' - an intermediate level, such as learning to play two handed and playing chords. Then the 'Owls' are in flight - more advanced piano playing - such as music fusion mashing up songs, tricky piano songs and beautiful crazy chords!

It is designed as a spiral - we can dip into other content - such as the young students watching fun tricky piano songs on video - this then gives them a vision and path to what they will be playing when they are older - like learning from a cool older sibling! :) And like wise more advanced piano players can learn from the beginners steps, by going back to basics we can see how the whole music structure is formed and also have a challenge of taking a simple tune and developing it into something complicated! Such as adding a base, putting in extra notes etc. 

Thus the beginners, intermediate and advanced piano playing styles are intricately connected! These levels are within us all! And it is all a weave :) 


Over the next while, Brenda will post up songs and piano exercises to these pages on the website :) 

Click in the links below to navigate to the pages:





Ps... my new neighbour Phoenix the Owl has decided to be our guardian angel during this time so we are all going be fine! :)

An Everyday Flow - Don't practice.....Play!

We are encouraged to practice everyday, and maybe we could change the word practice to play! Sometimes in days gone by when we hear the word practice it may sometimes feel forced... but when we say play it has a totally different feeling! So let's continue playing as much as possible. Especially now when we are in our cocoon house much more, we have more time to play. Also we have more time to connect with those around us, so feel free to share with family members and close friends. Maybe we can all join the music at home bandwagon!

Questions and Song Requests

Ye are very welcome to send questions or song requests to Brenda.. easy way is through a direct message to Brenda through WhatsApp, or if you prefer email to:

Beo Ceol Team!

Warm welcome to new team member Ciara Thornton! Ciara is helping out teaching beginners piano, and is a brilliant contribution to the Beo Ceol community. Through her own transformative and inspiring music journey, she is what Beo Ceol is all about! She is also wonderful at cool piano mashups so watch this space :) 

Beo Ceol Blog

A music blog is also up and running, this will be full of fun info and music links, to continue to support our music journey and creativity! 

More on the Membership Hub

More info on all the information outlined here rests in our trusty music hub, it's becoming an ocean of music info so feel free to surf about! :) 

Creative Arts Cocoon

Another new branch of the Music Tree is our Creative Arts Cocoon!  This is an area where students can draw music pictures and get their mum or dad to take a photo of it and send it to Brenda, the picture will be the Creative Arts Cocoon, where the aim is to create a wall full of beautiful music art! It would be a fun way to all stay connected too during this time by gathering our art. And I know the kids are so creative, there are loads of drawings on our music room, so don't hesitate to send loads in over the next while here!

Online Music Videos

There are fun online videos available to watch on Youtube, TicTok and Instagram. This is open to all of us! So if you'd like to have a video up online just send it on! Here are the links:



Facebook: Beo Ceol Music School

TikTok: @beo_ceol_music

Harmony is Healing!

By playing your music and singing, you are creating waves of harmony! In these worrying and stressful times, we are being called to also dig deep and create harmony. Music is ​a beautiful way to connect and bring uplift into distressing times. We can really now lean on our music tree and find the strength to carry on and nourish our happiness through music, and share this with those around us. Where our focus goes our energy flows, so keep enjoying your music talent and enjoyment, just as the Italians are singing to each other from their balconies to bring uplift and light into their lives, music and musicians can ignite hope, resilience and joy, even in the most challenging times. Music is a deep, gentle and heartwarming power, you have this beautiful power! Enjoy!

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