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Beo Ceol 

Online Piano Courses

Would you like to play piano... learning quickly, easily, and for fun? Would you like to have an all round knowledge of music and become an all round musician? Would you like to create a harmonious space within you and in your life where you can let go, be present, create and go with your own flow? Would you like to nourish your health and wellbeing with music? Would you like to learn about mindfulness and music? Would you like to have the ability to play with friends too and have fun sing alongs? If any of the above calls out to you, you may find your answer here! 


Welcome to Beo Ceol's Online Piano School! Here is where you can plant your seed of music, let it grow and become an all round musician. The tutorials are designed to help you become comfortable playing the piano, quick, easy and very skillful. Piano is a wonderful instrument to help us relax. It adds colour, deeper dimensions, joy and flow to life. Music soothes the whole nervous system. It is so good for mental health, with a ripple effect of relaxing the physical body. Our body responds to sounds like flowers respond to sunshine. Music is nourishing as a whole, for mind, body and soul. It balances our internal world with abundant harmony like an inner garden! I teach piano for fun, developing musical ability and life skills in relaxation, self care and inner harmony. This is mindfulness through music.


Mindfulness is about living in the present moment and nurturing balance and steadiness in Health. I integrate my background in mindfulness, nature essences, nature movement practices with music. I have certification in Mindfulness, Qi gong nature movement, yoga, Ogham Tree Essences, Homeopathy and flower essences. I aim to weave my experience into my approach to sharing information about music and teaching with a holistic view and overall wellbeing in mind. Beo Ceol means life music, or music for life. It's all about creativity, nurturing inner calm, expression and connecting with the beautiful power that is music. It can enrich, calm and nourish our lives from the inside out. 

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Each course will be for 7 weeks. Each week you will learn a variety of different aspects of music. The bog basics is where we begin... learning all about the foundations of music, notes, chords and songs. As the tern plummets into the sea, we too take the plunge into the free world of music! Exploring more songs and developing playing by ear in the process. Play known songs, pop songs, theme songs or even tricky modern piano pieces. During the course you will also have an opportunity to request a song of your choice and I will write it out specifically and send it to you!

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There are 3 levels of piano playing within Beo Ceol's school of music. But as you'll discover, it's not about an exam graded approach but more of a spiral! Instead of examining the student with a testing teaching approach, I take the approach of facilitating lessons to nurture the whole musician. Each musician is their own music master. The spiral approach tunes into our natural rhythms, piano playing style and various musical abilities as humans. There is no sheet music. Instead there are singing songs into two options, chord playing and tune playing. And also convert sheet music into quick, easy and accessible note letter writing approach. You will learn all about the foundations of music within the courses. The approach has been well tested, refined and attuned over the past 5 years. The aim with these courses is to get you playing easygoing while mastering advanced aspects of music... without daunting tasks, don't worry, this approach is designed to be light as a feather and advanced as a masterpiece!


The spiral levels approach is handy to be aware of before we take off. Some people play more by ear, so they may be playing advanced tunes naturally but need a hand with the bog basics of learning notes and the structures of songs. Others may prefer to read the chords and notes, understand the bog basics initially and need a hand with advanced playing. It's all about nurturing inner ability, guiding you to play with a deep sense of freedom and enjoyment, and helping you ignite your flare for music that's already within you waiting to light up! So our experience of the music world becomes a spiral of learning adventure and with the spirit of harmony and fun.. We swoop from beginners, to intermediate, to advanced, and it's all a web and weave!

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As they say... don't build walls, build garden walls, made of piano keys,

and life becomes music! :D

Course 1 - Soaring with Seagulls

Coming soon....

Course 2 - Evolving with Eagles

Course 3 - Own it with Owls

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