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Intro Videos to watch:

Welcome to the Music Tree!

music tree

Why do black notes have 2 names??

A sharp note is a black note, a Flat note is also a black note! The black notes have 2 names! If we go from a C white note up to the sharp right beside it, that's a C# (sharp). If we go down from a D note to the black note to the left of it, that's called a flat note or a 'Db'. 

Easy way to remember is that sharps are sharp like a sword going up, and flats are flat like a flat tyre going down.

The Music Journey Spiral

Music J s
Stone Spiral Staircase

Ignite your potential

We all have our own pace and abilities when it comes to learning any new skill. The key is to nourish both strengths and areas that need support, encouragement and space, equally. There is no weakness when it comes to music, only potential. The potential to learn more, fine tune a skill, understand something complex, understand something easier and become an all round musician. Becoming an all round musician is the vision and guidance I aim to offer you! You can ignite your potential. A life alongside music brings lots of added joy, colour and expression. It is a calming and strengthening 'good friend' to have on each step of the way. 

In the music world it's all about expression and enjoyment. Music is beneficial for our overall health and wellbeing. It can soothe our emotions and express our emotions too, we can grow to understand life deeply and creatively with music alive inside. As we are all different, we all find our own unique way of learning and expressing and that's the beauty about music. There is no best really, there is all just you and sharing that with others in a spirit of harmony rather than competition. Music is more about expression and playing music on your own or with people is the celebration of expression and presence of you.

The Music Spiral

So learning music is more like a spiral rather than climbing a pyramid to 'be the best'. It about letting your spiral grow in your own way, full of energy and colour. The advanced music player may need to fine tune some of the basic music knowledge that would be found in the beginners world, and vice versa the complete beginner may have a natural ability to pick up advanced tunes but have yet to learn their notes! Everyone who plays music or begins to learn will have their own spiral. So it's in your control how your spiral grows and flows, and that's the beauty of it, you can be as creative as you like with music. There's no wrong answer or wrong note really. The only wrong answer is in not asking a question or not trying something that you think might sound good. Really the piano is like a big blank canvas and you are the painter. We can learn songs and you can make up your own too. As your music tutor, I'm here to provide all the information I can like a big music map, and to help you along on your music journey. An aspect of learning music or any subject is seeing its progress and evolution. 


The Music Map

I've mapped out the progress for us with nature's help. This can help you navigate or 'fly around' the music world. Just like the music tree can help us navigate the world of music, we need to let our wings grow to be able to fly around it! Remember this is a different approach than the usual graded exams approach we often find at school, where we are graded C, A, D or B in subjects. This is different in the way that there's no pressure of an exam, but freedom to learn as much as you like about music. I put more focus on creativity and enjoyment than testing you because that will bring out the real musician in you. I've played piano for almost 20 years, in those years I've learnt how to become the 'best' or more to the point, most creative piano player I can be. And that's the skill and path I'd like to pass on to you. So there's a beginner's mind or 'world', and likewise an advanced mind or 'world' and as musicians we can learn to navigate or fly in and around all the music 'worlds' to develop our own music mind! I have seen examples of this in myself and in other people time and time again. Such as when I was humming a lovely song in my head and tried to play it on the piano, the humming complex tune was in the advanced music world where we can naturally pick up songs by ear, or make cool tunes in our heads, and then I had to come back to my beginners mind to find the right notes I was looking for one by one. I had to go back to knowing my notes and scale patterns. The complex had to go back into the easy side of music to make the tune happen!


So beginners ways can learn from the advanced ways, and vice versa! So this is a general guideline that I have fine tuned over the years I've been teaching music and chatting with music colleagues too. The aim is to provide you with a structure that you can be your most creative and grow that. It's creativity being balanced with knowledge and understanding. Instead of wanting you to pass exams, my encouragement for you is to be an all round musician, and to love music! We will fine tune and develop your music abilities as you need and would like to. So there are the ways of the Seagulls, Eagles and Owls! In each music lesson, we will learn different aspects of each 'world' to help the musician progress gently and thoroughly, and most importantly enjoy the process. Wherever you are now is perfect and an A+ in the music world... it's really all about you growing your wings and soaring on the wavelengths of music! That's the challenge and the journey :) 

Seagulls -  flying around the Beginners Music World

- introduction to the Music Tree and the world of music 

- laying down the foundations of fun and creative approach to music

- learning the notes

- playing tunes with the notes

- one handed playing, strengthening left and right hands equally

- learning sharps and flats

- singing along with songs

Eagles - flying around the Intermediate Music World

- learning about chords

- major and minor chords

- two handed playing

- playing two handed solos

- written piano songs

- writting your own music

- sing along with songs

- music theory

- learning about instruments

Owls - flying around the Advanced Music World

- understanding complex chords

- music wisdom of patterns

- creating your own songs

- playing advanced piano solos

- mashing up songs!

- Sing along with songs

- learning about harmony

- learning about genres and complex rhythms

- developing music knowledge

- support in theory and performing songs

grey owl.jpg

What Are Chords?

what c
Welcome to chord world!
The quick and easy way to play a song, it takes a minute!
Learn about chords here
thory th

Theory... the fun way!

Unlocking Songs

unlcking songs

Free-play Flow

free play

Song Types

song types

The World of Jazz


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