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An accordion is a musical instrument that has similar keys to a piano, but is small enough for a person to hold. It makes sounds using air pushed and pulled through reeds using a bellows. The accordion can also have buttons instead of keys. 

The accordion is one of several European inventions made in the 19th century that use free reeds driven by a bellows. An instrument called accordion was first patented in 1829 by Cyirall Demian, of Armenian origin, in Vienna. There are three main styles of accordions; diatonic, chromatic and keyboard.

By Lauren


Accordion Player

Most accordions are made in Italy. If you played the accordion you are called an accordionists. I’ve seen red, black and white accordions. Not all accordions are the same, some have more notes on the top and some have more notes on the bottom. But the most expensive ones have all the ones. You can find them being played in Irish Traditional Music sessions. There’s a lot of folk style music with accordions. It works by stretching and squeezing with your hand coming together, to work the central bellows which blows the air over the metal reeds. The melody and chords are used by pressing buttons or keys. The Italian for accordion is ‘accordare’ which means to tune.


The first accordion ever made was in Germany in 1822 by a man named Christian Friedrich Buschmann. The idea originated from a Chinese instrument called a Cheng, which was made thousands of years ago. Accordion prices can range from €300-€500. The most expensive accordion is the pigini mythos which costs €40,000. Finally, the bestsellers of accordions are a company called Hohner such as the 1305 Red.


By Rian


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