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Music Info & Instruments  

Here we share information about the music world. It's an exploration of fun facts and the magic of instruments. Each week the students explore the world of musical instruments. We can expand our horizons in music by discovering there are literally hundreds of different instruments from all around the world. Some are common to many cultures and have no limit to their sound humming all around the world, such as the piano. Some others are found hiding deep in native cultures. An example of a native instrument is the Ocarina, originating from Native Central American civilizations and tribes such as the Aztecs, Incas and Mayans. Another would be the Didgeridoo, another wind instrument like the Ocarina but this instrument originates deep in the native Australian Aborigine culture.


Each instrument has their own flavour, expression and identity. All instruments root back to nature and are in resonance with the natural frequencies of the Earth. Nature is the ultimate musician and orchestra in millions of different ways... the birdsong, the sound of the waves of the ocean, the sounds of the forest... since humans began to walk the Earth there has been a deep connection with sound and rhythm. Instruments are an extension of nature, just as branches are to trees!


All instruments bring unique sound that all together make up our world of music. Instrument of the week is an exploration of the orchestra of instruments and beyond! We see how many instruments and people playing together can make amazing harmony and creative sounds.​ On the blog there will be direct input from Beo Ceol music students! As they explore instruments, they share their growing wisdom :)

Cello and music stand

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