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Dangan House Music School
Aoife Cunningham

'I'm so happy to recommend aspiring music students to Aoife. She's a wonderful teacher, with vast knowledge, teaching experience and kindness. I'm delighted to team up with Aoife. We teach in the same fun filled developing the musician approach. No exams, yet we progress just as well and have fun making albums to encourage, reflect and enjoy progress along the music journey. It is a dream come true to see this music teaching approach expand, with gratitude to our music mentor Eamonn Murray who planted the seeds of this learning approach to music with his thriving music school. We are honoured to carry on the music flow and expand the joy, connection, expression and health benefits of playing music!' - Brenda Flannery

'I'm delighted to have teamed up with Brenda to bring a fun and flexible approach to learning piano. I grew up in Galway and learned piano under Eamonn Murray before moving abroad where I taught piano in France for a few years, I then moved to Chile for a short stint teaching English through music to preschool and primary school children and most recently worked as a music and piano teacher in New Zealand for primary school and secondary school students. I have now just started a masters in music therapy which I think will complement piano teaching very well.' - Aoife Cunningham

Contact Aoife to book a lesson 0858431891

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