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Health Benefits & Vision of Beo Ceol

The vision of 'Beo Ceol' is a unique, fun, free-flowing approach to learning music. It is beneficial for enjoying the piano, our overall wellbeing, mental health and nervous system. Learning fun piano methods help nourish and calm the nervous system. It also helps us think fast and create clear free-flowing neural pathways in our brains, as we link up our thinking in a flow when we play music, like a big orchestra!

The Beo Ceol Approach is based on learning the foundations of music with chords, sing songs and also step by step and advanced piano pieces. The learning methods are designed to be fun, light hearted and an invite to embrace the fun challenge of becoming a master of the piano! Learning methods and songs are accessible to all individuals, from absolute beginners to advanced. It’s about self-expression, creativity and nurturing the journey of inner harmony with music. There is online support for each student via the website. Beo Ceol brings music alive, from the inside out, there is a musician in all of us! 

This is the Beo Ceol symbol. It's meaning is holds the ancient Irish symbol for life, the spiral of life. It's about creativity, expression and inner harmony. It symbolizes the harmonious frequencies that music can produce. Within this symbol too is the Treble Clef, a well known music symbol. The connection between the Treble Clef and the Spiral expresses the connection between music, individual expression, a collective community and the whole web of harmony music can create! Have fun! :) B

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