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Living From the Roots

Updated: Nov 11, 2018

Aspiring to live from the roots is a real passion of mine. The journey has brought adversity, challenges and lots of growth and joy. I've come to a place in my life where I have designed my life around this value to live from the root energy! Living from the roots can be a different experience for everyone, because the beautiful thing about life is that we are all different, with all different life experiences, perspectives and passion - and share this weave together along the way! Difference can be interests in all different things to do in life, it can be within things also, such as different tastes of music and expression of music. As we celebrate difference, we celebrate life.

For me, living from the roots is connected with living from the heart. Life can be challenging and stressful at times. If we can find things in our lives that bring balance, harmony, and a deep sense of groundedness and joy, then we have given ourselves space and opportunity to deal with anything, and grow from any life phase or experience. Music is an option of a harmonious thing to do! It brings harmony to our inner world and then this ripples out into our lives like a pebble dropped into a lake. I combine chord playing, singing, convert modern sheet music songs, the world of instrument, and more. I also integrate music teaching and learning with colour therapy and mindfulness. All the branches of this music approach aim to provide a thorough, deep and fulfilling approach to learning and playing music.

I've designed many aspects of how I connect with life from this principle of living with feeling rooted at the core. I compiled a book over a year and published in March 2018 called Roots Go deep. After playing hockey for over 15 years, sport was an integral part of my life and growing up in the world. So my aspiration with the book was to reflect the journey and share insight and wellbeing connections too. I opened up a space for friends, sportspeople to do the same, and there are over 150 authors in the book sharing their wisdom! The book is available in the magical bookshop of Galway if you'd like a look! For more info here's the website

A significant aspect of my journey to living from the roots is in the world of wellbeing. I run Mindfulness, Qi Gong movements and Ogham Tree Essences classes in the Galway community and schools. It is called 'Beo & Be'. The word 'Beo' is a theme that runs throughout my work and passion in music and wellbeing. It really means life energy or to come alive! I hope to share the passions that have helped me 'come alive', and share the energy of encouragement to others in the aspects of life such as self-care, self-empowerment and self-expression. For more information

The garden and Nature is really an ultimate kind, caring and patient life teacher. I began a community garden in my neighbourhood called 'Beo Community Garden', after volunteering in the beautiful Brigit's Garden for a year. Nature is an amazing world that is healing and inspiring. We are not separate to Nature, we really belong with and within it. Our very existence depends on it, it's our primary roots that connect us all! Time and gentle work in the garden guided me back to my roots and also the Celtic world of Ireland where seasons and humans are one.

For more info on the Beo Community Garden, here's the instagram page Beo_community_garden

So here on this space I share my roots and wish you the warmest wishes on your life journey! May it continue to be filled with all your passions - and may your hidden lights within come alive! I've added a few of my favourite songs to sing and play on the piano. I never used to share my music, always too shy! But I realised there is something liberating in it. When I stopped being hard on myself, over-analysing what I was doing, or worrying what other people might think, I became more free to express and sing away from the inside out! I changed the energy I put into worrying into putting energy into the world of music. I was inspired by those around me who could relax, play music and sing. It inspired me to focus on becoming relaxed from the inside out while playing music and share this skill. A skill worthwhile and a calmness that really can ripple out into anything we do in life. Music is like leaning against a big tree, always there for you. I also took a lesson from the birds, singing is free, it nourishes freedom and pure togetherness, and is good for the soul!

Warm wishes,


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